Rachel Rivera

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

I have been in Real Estate since 2011. I started my career in residential and commercial property management working with local, national and international investors for 5 years. We managed a portfolio of our own properties as well and held mortgages. My background is in accounting and I worked directly with the company/investors/agents on managing all aspects of the financials as well as understanding and upholding all the contractual requirements, from the leases, mortgage commitments and the sales contracts. I have also worked in non-profit housing for 4 years, where we administered programs to the home owners in the Rochester area for the beautification neighborhood programs, the first-time home buyer program and also with agents directly at the brokerage. I currently work in the construction industry and my husband is a contractor who runs his own business. This gives me the ability to have an eye for craftsmanship and the quality of the properties we are looking at and what it would take to bring any property up to a better standard. My experience has led me to be able to see properties and deals in all aspects whether it be in investing or home ownership.

My passion and knowledge in all areas of Real Estate led me to want to get my license to help the very clients we serve. I have a team of people that I work with that support me to allow me to focus on the client’s needs as my top priority. With the technology and tools provided, I have the ability to provide exposure to my clients in the current marketplace, focus on getting the best deals and providing the best service.